Frequently Asked Questions at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
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If your question isn't answered here, call us at 844-4-A-DOULA (+1-844-423-6852) or email

You're moving?

Yes! As of November 1, 2016, we'll be in our new location at Unit A-1 in Security Park in Lubbock, Texas! Our official address is 3502 Slide Road #A1 if you want to plug it into your phone. There's a map and more info on our Find Us page.

Didn't you used to provide free doula care?
Kinda. Our birth doula care at Covenant was free of charge to our clients and paid for by Covenant Women's Center. Covenant decided to discontinue the Birth Doula Program as of September 2016, although clients who had already signed up for doula care will receive their care free of charge. 

One of the great things about this change is that Enhancing Doulas is still providing great birth doula care, plus we're adding services to provide a full circle of care from pre-pregnancy to the postpartum period! And we are committed to making doula care affordable for as many families as we can through discounted bundles of services, payment plans, and sliding scale fees. So even if you think you can't afford doula care or other services, call (844-4-A-DOULA) or email ( for a free consultation about our services. 

Are you still Covenant's doulas?
No, because we never were Covenant's doulas. The Birth Doula Program was hospital-funded, not hospital-based. This was an intentional decision by both Covenant and Enhancing Doulas because there is a statistical improvement in outcomes when doulas are independent, rather than employees of the hospital.

Our doulas still provide birth doula care at Covenant as well as the other hospitals and birth facilities in Lubbock and the surrounding areas.