Our principles shape everything we do.
These are the standards, values, and ethics that guide us.

Enhancing Doulas

How we measure our quality


Our care is evidence-based. We are strong stewards of our own data and results. We are and help others to be smart consumers of information. Staying current in research affecting our practice is key to our role. We are unafraid of adapting our practice with changing data and standards.


We practice in the context of history which precedes us and the future we are shaping. We recognize and honor the historical and cultural ways of being that inform the lives, practices, and decisions of our clients and partners. We create and celebrate new traditions within our practice.


We are a seamless team. We are friendly, polite, and professional. We grow our strength from the inside out. We work collaboratively within the interdisciplinary care team. We work within the doula role because we trust the doula role, we trust ourselves as doulas, and we trust our place on the care team.

Enhancing Doulas of Lubbock, Texas

How we create our culture


Excellence is the foundation on which rests our model of care. We aren't satisfied with "good enough." We strive to improve through deepening our understanding of our potential and expanding our concept of excellence.


Compassion is our way of understanding the world. We treat one another and ourselves with kindness and sensitivity. Our gentle care and respectful concern honor the feelings of others.


We empower each individual. We create a safe and supportive environment for our clients, members of the Enhancing Doulas family, and others on the care team, so each can do their best.


We believe everyone has strengths to share, something to say, and a place in the conversation. We celebrate our differences.We create a culture in which authentic self-expression is valued and safe.


We love what we do. We commit to enthusiasm as a way of life. Our passion energizes us to work harder and better. We share with the world our love for our work and belief in our model of care.


We are humbled by our awe for the human body and its abilities, the honor of caring for our client families, and power of the doula role. We recognize and care gently for our own limitations and boundaries.


We serve with excellence, passion, and humility. Our service extends to our clients, the care team, our partners, fellow members of the Enhancing Doulas family, and our local and global community.


We are fortunate to have meaningful work. We express our thanks in joyful words, actions, and attitude. We approach new situations, events, and people with gratitude for the good things to come.

Enhancing Doulas of Lubbock, Texas

How we judge ourselves


We trust people to make their own best decisions. We support self-determination in our clients, doula colleagues, members of the interdisciplinary team, and in the wider world. We recognize autonomy as the integration of independence and accountability.


We commit to preventing harm by staying within the doula role, even in circumstances in which some good might be done by deviating from the scope of doula practice. There is no potential good that outweighs the real harm of sacrificing a client’s access to appropriate doula care.

Universal Human Rights

We believe each person deserves human rights. We acknowledge the conflict between the rights of parents, fetuses, infants, and siblings. We work to resolve the conflicts facing us, our clients and partners, and our community.


We believe in taking actions that do only good. We believe that the best way to do good is usually to support the individual as they adapt, restore, and heal. We honor the healing arts and sciences and support their sincere efforts to do good.


We protect dignity, modesty, and privacy of the body as desired by the individual. We support and privacy of the mind, confidentiality, and the right to not share information. We support the right of the individual to defined personal expression and privacy of emotions.


We believe in the fair application of laws, practices, and standards. We acknowledge the barriers to justice which are inherent to the world and in access to our care. We work to reduce and overcome inequalities and barriers to justice in our practice.

Informed Consent

We support the right of the individual to make decisions based on unbiased information on available options. We acknowledge the challenges in providing informed consent on behalf of another person, including that of a woman’s partner and fetus or newborn.


We understand integrity to be a commitment to a consistent set of personal, professional, and moral standards. We honor the integrity and wholeness of each individual. Our trust in our integrity allows us to bravely confront barriers to living our principles.