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Is your medication contributing to a mood disorder?

posted Oct 27, 2016, 7:08 AM by Ariel Purkeypile   [ updated Nov 3, 2016, 5:50 AM ]
Medications & mood disorders at Enhancing Doulas of Lubbock, Texas
A new study describes a link between some commonly used prescription medications and increased risk of mood disorders like depression. Doulas can reduce the risk of mood disorders in moms and dads! These meds are also used for conditions other than high blood pressure, like Raynaud's disorder, which makes your nipples change colors! (No, really, it does!)

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Common meds affect mood disorders

Did y'all see this new study? Don't be deceived by the term "blood pressure medication," these meds are also used to treat a variety of other conditions like migraines, dysautonomia, and Raynaud's disorder. If you or a loved one are on a medication for any of these medications, you may be on a calcium channel-blocker or beta-blocker and not even know it! And while we should all know the signs of mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, it's especially vital if you or someone you love are on one of these meds. Talk to your doctor about how to monitor for mood disorders!

Doulas reduce mood disorders

Understanding mood disorders is especially important for parents in the perinatal period, the time during pregnancy and the first postpartum year. Both women and men are more likely to experience mood disorders during the perinatal period. Having a doula reduces the risk of depression and anxiety and the doulas at Enhancing Doulas receive training to help clients identify and cope with mood disorders.

Do your nipples change color?image

Did you know you can get Raynaud's phenomena in your nipple? True!! It's often misdiagnosed and can be really painful, and painful breastfeeding can lead some moms to quit breastfeeding earlier than planned. Breastfeeding shouldn't be painful and lactation professionals can help! We have an IBCLC on staff at Enhancing Doulas who can even do home visits, and you can also get breastfeeding help La Leche League meetings and support groups. Breastfeeding help is out there, go and get it! Jack Newman's International Breastfeeding Centre and KellyMom, two of my favorite online resources, both have great info for families and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has this great article for pediatricians so they can best help moms who might have Raynaud's of the nipple.

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