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    Birth doula care Certified Enhanced Birth Doulas provide informational, emotional, social, and physical support to pregnant women and their partner or support person. Birth doulas improve clinical outcomes, increase breastfeeding success, and increase satisfaction with the birth experience.

    Our doulas have training, experience, and certification beyond the typical birth doula preparation, specializing in the hospital birth setting. From high-risk pregnancies and complications to planned inductions and cesareans, our doulas have prepared to support you and your family. Of course we also have many clients who plan a low-intervention birth. So you get a doula who is ready to support you, no matter what.

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    Postpartum doula carePostpartum doulas provide informational, emotional, social, and physical support in the postpartum period. From helping with breastfeeding to setting up the house to make night-time feedings as smooth as possible, your postpartum doula helps the whole family adapt to the arrival of the newest member.

    Pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and lactation classes

    Enhancing Doulas offers a wide variety classes for parents who want to make the most of their learning experience. You only attend the sessions that interest you or meet your needs, so there's no wasted time or money!

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    Breastfeeding and lactation supportEnhancing Doulas has a wide variety of breastfeeding and lactation support options. Whether it’s classes to prepare before baby arrives, the helpful information and hands-on help of one of our doulas, or the clinical lactation management provided by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, we have a wide variety of options to get you all the support you need.

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    Placenta services

    Placenta encapsulation is increasingly common. New research finds women who ingest their encapsulated placenta are very satisfied with their experience and would recommend the practice.

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    Holistic nursing careHolism is the practice of viewing each person as a complex union of their mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and biological selves. Nursing practice utilizes the nursing process of providing assessment and nursing diagnoses as well as planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing actions, including referrals to additional care providers (medical, allied, complementary, etc.) as appropriate. As a board-certified holistic nurse, Ariel assists clients and families in need of a personal touch and safe space to make the most of their wellness.

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