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Client classes at Enhancing Doulas
As doulas, we know our clients will choose the style of pregnancy, birth, and parenting that is right for their family. And we know our clients know best what they need, including what they need to learn. Most of all, we know that the right information presented the right way makes everything easier, less stressful, and less scary. Based on this philosophy, we created a new approach to providing perinatal and childbirth education, which empowers our clients to make the most of their learning experience.

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Your priorities, your choices
Rather than a single course, we offer a robust selection of topics and let you pick which sessions to attend. Whether you're first time parents, bringing home a little brother or sister, desiring an unmedicated birth, or planning an epidural, cesarean, or induction of labor, we've got you covered. 

You can find the sessions right for you by topic, or you can take a look at our class series, which combine sessions from various topics. Our series meet at the same time over a few weeks and include:

Ask an Expert
Our classes are created by Ariel Purkeypile, founder of Enhancing Doulas. In designing each class, Ariel draws on her training and experience as a:
  • doula and doula trainer
  • professional educator
  • obstetric nurse
  • lactation consultant
  • certified holistic nurse
  • provider of prenatal, labor, and postpartum massage
Each session ends with a Question & Answer period so you can get information specific to your situation or ask that question you've always wondered about. You can also use our Ask an Expert email hotline for responses within 24 hours.

Built to fit your budget
Our classes start at $22 per client couple per session, and the cost just goes down from there. This means we are competitive with local hospital-based childbirth preparation, only with the flexibility to make those dollars really count!
  • Come to 5 sessions, get your 6th session free.
  • If you're getting doula services through Enhancing Doulas, classes are just $20 per session. 
  • Bring a friend and they get their first session free!

Timing is everything
Having a baby is hard work. Just getting ready to have a baby is hard work! We know that juggling schedules for work, school, and a million things for the baby means that timing can really get in the way. We're here to help. In addition to our ongoing schedule of classes, you can also set up your own sessions!
  • Private sessions start at $40 each.
  • If you have a friend who would like to attend with you, the session is $60 total, or $30 each. 
  • If there are 3 or more couples who want to attend, we can put the session in the schedule as a Saturday afternoon extra!
  • Private sessions can be tailored to your unique learning needs!

Our place or yours?
If you're on bedrest or just want the personal attention, we offer private, in-home sessions. Contact us for rates based on your specific needs.

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Create your own class at Enhancing Doulas!
Who knows?!? Maybe the next best class at Enhancing Doulas is one you create! If you have a great idea or just want a class hand-crafted to meet your unique needs, let us know! Private sessions can be customized to your learning goals. And if it's something that will help others, we'll consider including it in our regular rotation.