Baby Care 101 Series

Because babies don't come with an instruction manual.

Our Baby Care 101 Series combines the latest research and recommendations with parent-tested hands-on techniques. We focus on providing a buffet of options, so you can use what works best for your particular baby. After all, your baby will generally insist on picking their favorite ways of doing things!

Hands-On Baby Care Tips & Techniques

Your baby will teach you everything you need to know about parenting, but you don't have to wait until then to get started.

The first few days and weeks with baby are a whirlwind of learning! Expert baby nurses can make diaper changes and swaddling look so easy, leaving parents often discouraged with their own learning process. This session helps you fast-forward to the part where you're an expert on your baby. You'll learn the basic skills of baby care: diaper changes, dressing, bathing, burping, swaddling, and soothing a cranky baby.

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Sleep & Sleep Safety for Every Baby

Sleeping like a baby?? Really??

Sleep and sleep safety are among the highest priorities for new parents. Newborn sleep-wake patterns are not the same as those of adults, but both patterns must be coordinated in the early weeks with a newborn. This session explores concerns, trends, and strategies in both parental and newborn sleep, from co-sleeping to sleep training. You'll learn the recommendations of the major medical and allied health organziations, the reasons behind their occasional disagreements, and the major risks they agree on. We'll also discuss tips and stratgies to prevent parental exhaustion, which can completely derail your plans for sleep safety for baby, and real-world tips to make night feedings as efficient as possible so everyone can get back to sleep.

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Safety Around the House & Beyond

The world can be a dangerous place for babies. Do everything you can to protect yours!

From choking hazards to visiting places that aren't baby-proofed, you'll learn strategies for addressing the most common risks. You'll learn how to identify baby-safe toys and those most likely to cause harm, how to reduce the risk in the most dangerous rooms of the house, and how to make sure baby is safe wherever you go. Knowing you are keeping your baby as safe as possible can reduce parental anxiety and let you enjoy your time with baby at home, while travelling, and out in the world.

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Feeding Your Infant & Toddler

You know nutrition is key for your baby, but it can be a struggle to get them to eat anything at all!

From baby's first feeding to table foods, babies and toddlers are notoriously finnicky eaters. We'll cover nutrition recommendations for babies and toddlers and a variety of foods and preparation tips to meet those goals, from making your own baby food to using prepared baby food or feeding baby from what's on your plate. You'll also learn how to identify and ride out a growth spurt, when picky eating might be of concern, how and when to introduce foods most likely to cause allergic reactions like eczema, and tips for heading out into the world with a hungry baby.

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