Geek Out Series

Our bodies are so amazingly amazing that we don't even know yet all the amazingness going on!

There is so much going on in our bodies! Our Geek Out Series explores the science, numbers, and statistics on some of the most fascinating functions of our human bodies: the creation, development, and feeding of the next generation. Don't worry if science isn't your strong suit, because these courses are made to wow both the newest newbie to the nerdiest nerd. Come get your geek on with us!

The Geek Out Series is ideal for those who want to know the why and how of pregnancy, birth, recovery, and breastfeeding.

Reducing the Risk of Cesarean Birth

Sometimes cesarean birth is the best option, but many times it's not. How can you reduce your risk of having a cesarean that isn't truly necessary?

In this session, we'll take a deep dive into the numbers driving the excessive rate of cesarean birth in the US. You'll learn the reasons for the situations in which cesarean birth is the best option, what factors increase the risk of cesarean, which ones you can't control, and which are in your power to reduce. Having a birth doula is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of cesarean, but this session, like most at Enhancing Doulas, is built for everyone, not only doula clients. 

This session is ideal for those who desire to have a cesarean only if necessary as well as those at increased risk of cesarean birth.

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Physiologic Birth: Let Your Hormones Help You!

"That's a great sign! That's your hormones working!" Pregnant, laboring, and postpartum women hear about their hormones all the time, but what do they really do?

Hormones are the primary drivers throughout the childbearing process. From conception, pregnancy, and labor and birth to breastfeeding, bonding, and postpartum recovery, your hormones are calling the shots. Unfortunately, that has it's down-sides, too. So much of the typical childbearing experience can actually reduce the effects of maternal hormones that are good for pregnancy, birth, and recovery while they increase the hormones that sabotage a great experience, and the effects may be even larger on your fetus and newborn! This session is dedicated to understanding and supporting physiologic birth experience, in which the hormonal processes of childbearing are allowed to do their thing, resulting in better outcomes and faster, easier birth and breastfeeding. You'll learn the two basic modes used by the nervous system to regulate our bodies through hormones, tips and techniques to support a positive hormonal balance, and hacks to maximize the production of the hormones that support a physiologic birth, even in the medical setting. 

This session is ideal for everyone who wants to understand and support the process of physiologic birth and use their hormones to have a faster, easier, more satisfying childbearing experience. Here's a sneak peek at this session!

Physiologic Birth - What it is, why you should care, and how to have one ‎(sneak peek at client class session!!)‎

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Core Maintenance, Prevention & Recovery

Your core: you'll miss it when it's gone!

Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your body, but nothing works as hard as your core. From your ribs to your pelvis and from your abs to your spine, your core works not just to support you and baby, but also does the hard work of labor and birth while opening to allow baby’s passage out into the world. You’ll learn the do's and don'ts of protecting and strengthening your core beginning in pregnancy and continuing through labor, birth, and postpartum period. Although everyone should know and practice the techniques for strengthening the core, the hormones of pregnancy and birth can cause long-lasting damage to the core. Having a strong core can improve your comfort throughout pregnancy, help with pushing during birth, and speed your full recovery after birth. While this session is intended for all pregnant women (and their partners!), it’s especially important to those who are more likely to have issues with their core and pelvis, like those carrying multiples, planning cesarean, and with a history of pelvic, core, or spinal pain and instability, and those who are having pain and instability related to their pregnancy. SI-LOC belts, a life-saver for many with pelvic and core instability, will be available for fitting and instructions for use at the session, or you can bring your own; please let us know if you'd like to buy a belt from us to take home with you so we can ensure we have your size in stock. 

This session is ideal for all childbearing women and their partners, especially those with risk factors for pain and instability of the core, spine, or pelvis.

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Decode Your Newborn

Your baby comes equipped to teach you everything you need to know to rock parenting. Learn from your very own tiny expert!

Your baby has innate abilities, preferences, and behaviors you can use to make the most out of the intensity of the newborn period. You'll learn how to decode your baby's secret language, the soothing tools that work on nearly every baby, and how to merge your newborn's schedule with something resembling your own needs for sleep, socialization, and work. We'll also cover how to make the most of your baby's personality and why that will probably be familiar to you before you ever meet baby! You'll also learn how to use the highs of parenting to ride out the lows, because the best thing about babies is they also come equipped to make parenting somehow worth all the effort.

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Hack Your Happy

The difference between a good day and a bad day can be as simple as your response. This isn't fluffy, mystic woo, this is a battle strategy.

Improve your confidence and power, strengthen your relationships, increase your sense of accomplishment and self-worth, maximize your wellness, and reduce your stress and anxiety. All this may sound too good to be true, but it's possible by just taking advantage of your body's natural chemical and hormonal responses to specific situations, most of which are in short supply in our everyday life. These techniques are simple, don't take a long time to learn or do, and easily fit into your routine. Life is tough, better hack it!

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How Lactation Works

Lactation is both immensely intricate and very, very simple.

Some parts of lactation and breastfeeding are so amazing they seem like magic, and every year sees more evidence unconvered on how breastfeeding and the feeding of breastmilk benefit both moms and babies. But for all its apparent mysteries, it's also relatively easy to understand if you're first taught the basics, because there are really only a few hormones and chemicals that run the whole show. You'll learn maternal and newborn anatomy, physiology, and hormones of breastfeeding and lactation, which will empower you to tweak and hack your own breastfeeding experience. We'll also cover the situations that may make breastfeeding more difficult so you plan ahead if any apply to you. We'll marvel at the marvelous, understand the understandable, and you'll be a better overall lactationist.
This session is ideal for those who want to understand the "why" of lactation. This is one of six sessions that primarily address breastfeeding and lactation. Explore our Geek Out Series and Breastfeeding & Pumping Series for more topics.

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding & Breastmilk

The benefits of breastfeeding go way beyond nutrition!

Breastfeeding and breastmilk feeding don't just benefit babies; they also benefit moms, families, companies, countries, and more! You'll learn the nutritional, immunological, digestive, and other benefits of breastmilk itself for baby as well as the non-nutritional benefits, like motor coordination and visual and sight benefits. And that's just for baby! Mom also receives a number of health benefits. We'll also touch on the wider benefits to society, how to preserve the benefits of breastmilk feeding when not feeding at the breast, how to gain the benefits of feeding at the breast even when not feeding breastmilk, and the risks of formula feeding. Geek out on the benefits and you'll never look at breastfeeding or breastmilk the same!
This session is ideal for those who want to know all about the nutritional, immune, and other benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk for both mom and baby. This session is one of six session between our Geek Out Series and Breastfeeding & Lactation that address various aspects of the breastfeeding, lactation, and breastmilk-feeding experience. Each provides a unique slice of information so you can select the ones that best meet your needs and priorities. How Lactation Works, from our Geek Out Series, covers the anatomy, hormones, and physiologic process of breastfeeding and breastmilk production. The Benefits of Breastfeeding & Breastmilk, also from our Geek Out, does what it says it does. Managing Supply and Demand, from our Breastfeeding & Lactation Series, covers hands-on techniques to assess and manage milk supply. Strategies for Pumping, also from our Breastfeeding & Lacatation Series, covers options, choices, and effective use of pumps and other means of expressing breastmilk. Back to Work Breastfeeding from our Breastfeeding & Lactation Series, covers the maternal experience of expressing milk for to feed baby. Caring for a Breastmilk-Fed Baby, also from our Breastfeeding & Lactation Series, provides information and tips for those who will be caring for a baby who is being fed expressed breastmilk.

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