Partners & Families Series

Partners and family members aren't just along for the ride, they're on their own journey.

The Partners & Families Series is ideal for all family members and loved ones welcoming a new baby.

Pregnancy & Postpartum for Partners

With all the focus on her, it's easy to forget you're having a baby, too!

You have your own hormonal, emotional, mental, and social changes to sort through beginning from the moment you learn you're going to be a parent. And there's a lot of pressure to be a strong support for your partner while she experiences the most profound changes we as humans are capable of. And then there's the baby and the postpartum period, with all the intensity of pregnancy and half the sleep. This session prepares partners for the childbearing year, from pregnancy to postpartum, with a focus on being an effective support while making the most of your own experience. You'll learn what is expected of partners, strategies for communicating with your partner while she's "under the influence of hormones," self-care tips, and important warning signs of mood disorders, which are much more likely for both men and women during the perinatal time (pregnancy through the first year after birth). We'll also cover the importance of your relationship with your doula, if you're using doula care, because doulas are for dads, too!

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Shared Decision-Making

You never share anything like you share parenting.

Parenting together is hard enough when you agree and things are going well. But when things get tough or you don't agree what to do (or both!), structure and guidance are vital. You'll learn some typical strategies for sharing decision making along with two distinct, step-by-step processes for moving through the decision-making process. We'll cover some of the most common decisions that cause parents to disagree and how to keep things clean when you feel like fighting dirty.

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My, How Things Change! An Update for Grandparents

Things change, and usually for the better. But changes in parenting and infant care can leave you feeling left behind if you're a new grandparent or other experienced parent.

It's not your imagination: Some current practices are the exact opposite of what was recommended in the past! Seeing your children parent is one of the greatest moments in many parents' lives it can be hurtful when your well-meaning advice is ignored or even mocked as outdated. What worked wonderfully for you may now be out of fashion or even considered dangerous, leaving you out of the loop or generation gapped. This session is a crash-course in the biggest changes that have occurred over the years so you'll be the expert help your favorite new family needs!
This session is ideal for grandparents and any other experienced parent who loves a new baby and their parents.

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Helping Big Siblings Get Ready for Baby

Being a big sibling is a big responsibility.

You'll learn age-appropriate ways to talk to your "big kid" about pregnancy and birth, to nurture each child as they adapt during the intense days and weeks following birth, and to build the relationship between young siblings while honoring the experience of the older.. We cover discussion of important safety issues, like use of blankets, pillows, stuffies, and safe toys, including ways you can tap into the natural desire of young children to be helpful and involved to make your baby's big sibling part of the safety team. We'll also discuss ways media like books, games, and television might send conflicting messages about baby care, such as bottle-feedng instead of feeding at the breast or using powder and safety pins during a diaper change.

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Your Pet is Not a Sibling: Introducing Your "Fur Baby" to Your Actual Child

If you thought you'd never love anyone like you love your [dog/cat/bird], just wait until you meet your baby!

Never give a good dog a chance to be a bad dog. That's where we start in this session, but we don't stop there, and we don't stop at dogs. We'll learn about the innate social behaviors of your pets and how they determine the way they'll adapt to the presence of and interact with the newest member of the family We'll explore the immunological, social, and emotional benefits of having pets in the home. You'll learn species-specific tips for everything from introducing your babies to hygiene and how to select new pets and welcome them into the home.

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