Holistic nursing and life coach at Enhancing Doula in Lubbock, TexasHolism is the practice of viewing each person as a complex union of their mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and biological selves. Nursing practice utilizes the nursing process of providing assessment and nursing diagnoses as well as planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing actions, including referrals to additional care providers (medical, allied, complementary, etc.) as appropriate. Both the profession of nursing and the general philosophy of holism in health and wellness recognize that we are more than just our biological selves. And the birth of a child is a perfect example of how we function best when we recognize that this biological event has massive effects on our mental, emotional, social, and spiritual selves. Our doulas are trained in and practice from from a holistic perspective.

Holistic nursing practice at Enhancing Doulas specializes in assisting with challenges common to expectant, new, and growing families such as:
  • New onset or newly diagnosed chronic illness
  • Deep health histories to improve communication with care providers and maximize time spent with specialists
  • Assistance with role acquisition and adaptation (becoming a parent changes every role and relationship in your life, and not just for first-time parents!)
  • Coping with a high-risk pregnancy, including those on bedrest or hospitalized
  • Reducing stress, improving coping tactics, and increasing resilience
Our founder, Ariel Purkeypile, is a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse. For more information on this credential, see the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) at AHNA.org. While this can sound a little out there or "woo," it's actually all very evidence-based; just think how many news stories you've seen about the negative effects of stress on every system in your body, the amazing results from Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief on chronic pain and heart disease, the efficacy of sports psychology, and others. 

Holistic nursing services are available via phone, video conference call (like Google Hangouts), and email, or in person at our store or in the privacy of your home. Initial visits are $70, after which follow-up visits are $40. Current clients of Enhancing Doulas pay just $40 for the initial visit. Sliding scale rates and payment plans are available.