Breastfeeding and lactation support at Enhancing DoulasEnhancing Doulas has a wide variety of breastfeeding and lactation support. Whether it’s classes to prepare before baby arrives, the helpful information and hands-on help of one of our doulas, or the clinical lactation management provided by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, we have a wide variety of options to provide the support you need.

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    Needing help is normal
    As much as we dislike the word "normal," it is normal to need help and guidance with a new baby. And that includes help with feeding your baby, whether at the breast, using pumped milk, or feeding with formula. But for a variety of reasons (don't get us started on them!), many parents feel like they are "failing" if they need help with this part of parenting. But find one part of your new baby's entire self that behaves as it's "supposed to" all the time. . . It just isn't there. So if you need help breastfeeding, expressing milk, feeding by a bottle, or whatever it is, we're here to help.

    There are different kinds of help
    There are many options for breastfeeding support. La Leche League meetings and other "mommy groups," hospital-based lactation services, the amazing programs at the WIC clinics, and more provide a number of options. There are also several options within the services provided by Enhancing Doulas. 

    Help from Enhancing Doulas
    Breastfeeding and lactation support at Enhancing Doulas comes in many shapes and sizes. 
    Ask an Expert at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Ask an Expert
    At Enhancing Doulas, we are 100% committed to helping our client families meet their goals for baby-feeding. All our clients can use our Ask an Expert email hotline with a response within 24 hours from our founder, Ariel Purkeypile, who is an IBCLC, which stands for International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.

    Baby feeding group at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Baby feeding group
    Deciding what to feed your baby comes with a ton of pressure, from media and social media, the concerned friends and family members, and even the opinions of strangers in public. And then you have to get the baby on board with your plan. From the very first feeding until they buy their own groceries, deciding what to feed your kids and getting them to eat it is an enormous parenting task.

    Our baby feeding group meets every other week at our store. A doula or lactation specialist will be available for questions, but the real help comes from the other parents and babies. Their personal stories experience, real-life wisdom, and support are priceless. And everyone is welcome, regardless of what you feed your baby:
    • Breastmilk
    • Formula
    • Baby foods
    • Table foods
    • A combination of these
    • Whatever my baby will eat that feeding
    And once your feet are under you a bit, keep coming to share your experience, wisdom, and support.

    Classes at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Enhancing Doulas offers a number of classes that can help with breastfeeding. Some classes that can really help aren't even specifically about breastfeeding, such as:
    • Preparing for Pregnancy
    • Making the Most of Cesarean Birth & Recovery
    • Physiologic Birth: Let Your Hormones Help You!
    • Reducing the Risk of Cesarean Birth
    • Your First Magic Moments with Baby
    • Baby Blues and Beyond
    • The First 2 Weeks with Baby
    • Let Sleeping Babies Lie: Sleep Safety for Every Baby
    And then of course there are the classes that specifically teach various aspects of lactation and baby feeding.
    • Baby Care 101: Feeding Your Infant and Toddler
    • Back to Work Breastfeeding
    • Caring for a Breastfed Baby (For those who will be feeding pumped breastmilk) Please note: You can bring an extra person to Caring for a Breastfed Baby. If you have more than 2 people, consider scheduling a private session. 
    • How Lactation Works: Key Hormones, Supply & Demand, and That's It!
    • You Won't Believe What's In Breastmilk!
    With each class, you'll get a durable mini-poster with key points and reminders so you can actually use the information from class.

    Birth doula care at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Birth doula care
    More successful breastfeeding is among the many ways having a birth doula improves outcomes. Providing great information, improving our clients' self-described effectiveness as parents, de-stressing the entire pregnancy and birth process, and hands-on help with the first feeding are all ways your birth doula will help you breastfeed. In addition, birth doula care decreases the likelihood of cesarean or assisted (vacuum or forceps) birth, low Apgar scores, and NICU admission, all of which also help breastfeeding. Click here to learn more about birth doula care at Enhancing Doulas.

    Postpartum doula care at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Postpartum doula care
    Most people learn best from their own experience, from trying things out themselves. And in regards to breastfeeding, no matter how well-prepared you are, the baby gets an awful lot of say in how breastfeeding works! A postpartum doula is there with you in the vital early days and weeks of breastfeeding. She doesn't just teach you the ideas of behind breastfeeding and lactation, she helps you and your baby learn to breastfeed together. Your postpartum doula will also do things like household organization so you have what you need close at hand, helping you get a nap, playing with older siblings, preparing healthy snacks, etc., all geared towards letting you focus on getting to know your baby. Our postpartum doulas are also trained to provide appropriate referrals as needed, including to our lactation consultant who can visit you right in your home.  Click here to learn more about postpartum doula care at Enhancing Doulas.

    Lactation consultant and success at Enhancing Doulas in Lubbock, Texas
    Lactation consultation 
    The International Board-Certified Lactation Consult (IBCLC) credential is the gold-standard for clinical lactation support. We provide lactation support by an IBCLC on an hourly basis via phone, video conference call (like Google Hangouts), and email, or in person at our store or in the privacy of your home. The initial consultation is $75 and follow-up consultations are $50. Sliding scale rates and payment plans are available. 

    Part of the skill set for our birth doulas and postpartum doulas is to recognize situations which are outside the "normal" or would otherwise benefit from involving someone outside of the doula role; remember, the doula's role involves neither clinical tasks nor making decisions or having opinions on what you should do next. If you are a doula client who needs additional help with lactation or breastfeeding, our lactation consultant can work with you to develop a plan that your doula can help you carry out. The fee for initial consultation isn't charged to our doula clients (we already have all of your info!), so the rate is $50 per consult. 

    Of course we can't predict the future, but if you anticipate needing this level of lactation support, consider using our birth or postpartum doula services and adding on a lactation success package.

    Lactation support package 
    Our lactation support package gives you the personalized attention of an IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) through your pregnancy and the first postpartum year. It includes the following:
    • Prenatal consult in which we will:
      • Discuss your lactation goals
      • Identify any potential barriers to your goals through an overview of:
        • your medical, obstetric, and surgical history
        • any pregnancy complications
        • medication use
        • general health and wellness
      • Make a plan for coping with or overcoming these potential barriers to your lactation goals
    • Visit within 1-2 days of your birth to discuss your labor, birth, baby, and early breastfeeding.
    • Up to 3 in-home consultations, with 50% off additional visits after the first 3 ($30 instead of $60)
      • Can be used for up to 1 year
    • Support from your IBCLC by phone, text, and email, including weekends, nights, and holidays
    The fee for the lactation support package is $400, and discounts apply when it is bundled with other services. Sliding scale fees and payment plans are also available.